Helping elite performers resolve anxiety, stress, depression,
and chronic back pain for over 25 years


Wu Shen is a massage treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is for high achievers and top performers that are experiencing high pressure and stress. The treatment resolves anxiety, stress, depression and chronic back pain associated with a stressful lifestyle.


wu shen (The 5 human spirits)

Wu Shen, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to resolve chronic pain, anxiety, stress and depression by treating the 5 human spirits in the body called Po Shen, Hun, Yi and Zhi.

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Traditional chinese medicine 

A holistic approach that links body, mind and emotions.

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The longer I practise, the more I think that in clinical practice we can interpret most mental-emotional problems in terms of the “five spirits” as well as of “patterns of disharmony”. The “five spirits”, in Chinese called the”Five Shen” [五 神], are the Shen, Hun, Po, Yi, and Zhi residing respectively in the Heart, Liver, Lungs, Spleen and Kidneys.
— Giovanni Maciocia, world renowned academic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

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